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Mold can start to grow and dominate your home before you even notice its presence. When it ultimately hits you that you have a breakout of mold in your home, attempting to clean up the situation will not be that easy. However, mold inspection in Alexandria VA can be of great help in determining the scope of the problem and creating a real plan of action for taking care of it.

Full Range Of Mold Testing Services We Offer In Alexandria VA:

  • The visual inspection which helps identify all possible mold areas
  • Indoor air sample included in the Standard and Advanced testing packages
  • Moisture reading with the help of advanced equipment to discover hidden mold in affected locations
  • Swab (Surface) sample included in the Advanced testing package
  • Lab reports giving results of sample testing (available within 5 business days)
  • Remediation protocol - a complete plan for mold remediation

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Why You May Need Mold Inspection Service

There are many reasons that mold can take over your house. Some people think that leaky faucets and toilets are the only sources of extra moisture that cause mold growth. But in reality, innocuous details such as misaligned sprinklers, poor home ventilation, old and damaged roofing and other sources of water damage can bring about the existence of this problem.

Bathtub grout seams and grout lines in the kitchen are sources of water leaks in our homes that are often overlooked. Some leaks are inaccessible because they are taking place behind walls. There can be spills in such areas that may not be noticed and attended to right away. If it continues for some time without any corrective action taken, it allows water to seep through the grout and reach the sub-flooring, after a while, you start seeing gray spots, and a strange odor develops. At this point, it would be difficult for you to provide a realistic solution as professional assistance will take care of the problem completely and correctly.

The first step will be to seek help from a certified mold inspection company. They will be able to determine the exact source of the mold. All you need to do is find a mold inspection company with the required credentials and state of the art equipment that allows them to detect even hidden black mold under the tile, wall, or carpet. Considering O2 Mold Testing of Alexandria to carry out inspection will be the first step to regaining your home from mold growth. Our professional technicians will inspect each suspicious stain so that you can have a comprehensive picture of the entire mold infestation.

The Importance of Mold Testing Services

Mold Poses a Huge Health Risk

Exposure to mold can have detrimental effects on an individual's health, resulting in symptoms resembling a common cold, including coughing, nasal congestion, wheezing, throat irritation, and allergies.

Mold Can Affect Your Property

Mold can compromise the value and appearance of your property, as well as damaging your furniture and other valued possessions.

Benefits of Mold Testing and Inspection

  1. Assurance: Mold testing can confirm if there's an unwanted guest lurking in your space, so you can relax and breathe easy.
  2. Timely Discovery: By detecting mold at an early stage, you can take immediate action to prevent the issue from escalating.
  3. Preventive Measures: Mold testing helps you identify and tackle the environmental conditions that promote mold growth, such as excess moisture and high humidity, thereby aiding in prevention efforts.
  4. Remediation: Mold testing can help you develop a plan for mold remediation.

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

  • We know more about mold: We understand how mold grows, where it hides, and the technical ways of inspecting for mold that is hidden from view, behind drywall and inside the walls.
  • We provide fast response time: Mold infestation can spread really quickly when not dealt with promptly. Therefore, we carry out a thorough inspection and provide testing results within 5 business working days. You can also request our rush service to receive test results within 48 hours.
  • We offer trustworthy services: We are a mold testing company that uses a separate certified laboratory for testing all samples that we collect. Our services are unbiased and we have no vested interest.
  • We provide professional care: We prioritize providing excellent service to our customers. Consequently, our qualified technicians are certified professionals and can get the job done.
  • We are a reliable company: We are well conversant with collecting surface samples and air samples for lab testing. Most of our clients rely on our services because we know the areas to test and how to collect the mold samples that will give precise testing results.

What Is Our Pricing Plan?

There are three pricing packages you can choose from mold inspection service Alexandria:

  • Basic [$149]: Mold visual inspection and moisture reading for any affected area.
  • Standard [$395]: Mold visual inspection, moisture readings, two indoor testing samples, written report of laboratory results, and a full mold remediation protocol. Thermal imaging inspection and extra samples tested for an additional fee.
  • Advanced [$895]: Mold visual inspection, moisture readings, five indoor testing samples, written report of laboratory results, full mold remediation protocol, and thermal imaging inspection. Extra samples tested for an additional fee.

Service Locations in Alexandria, VA

We provide mold testing services in the Alexandria, VA area and nearby cities. Whether you are in Alexandria West, or in the far reach of Potomac West, Eisenhower East, Del Ray, Van Dorn, or Rosemont, we will get to you.


  • Franconia, VA
  • Mount Vernon, VA
  • Newington, VA
  • Rose Hill, VA
  • Fort Hunt, VA
  • Annandale, VA
  • Jefferson, VA
  • Lincolnia, VA
  • Falls Church, VA
  • Lake Barcroft, VA

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What types of mold are most dangerous?

Stachybotrys chartarum, commonly known as black mold, is considered one of the most dangerous molds due to its potential to produce mycotoxins that can cause severe health issues. Other molds such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Fusarium can also pose risks, particularly to individuals with weakened immune systems or respiratory conditions. However, it's important to note that the severity of health effects can vary depending on factors such as individual susceptibility, exposure duration, and concentration of mold spores. Professional assessment and appropriate remediation measures are crucial when dealing with any type of mold infestation.

Is it possible to recognize the type of mold without testing?

While visual identification of mold can provide some clues about its appearance and characteristics, determining the specific type of mold without testing is challenging. Many types of mold share similar appearances, and some molds can have different appearances depending on growth conditions. Therefore, it is not possible to accurately identify the type of mold solely based on visual inspection. Mold testing, such as laboratory analysis of samples, is necessary to determine the precise mold species present and provide reliable information for appropriate remediation strategies and potential health risks associated with specific mold types.


So why should you wait? Call us today at 571-399-3369 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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