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Mold Testing in Queens, NY

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Mold can be found everywhere, but you don't want it anywhere too close to your home. Nevertheless, if mold starts growing indoors, you want be know so you can take care of it right away. So, the best way for you to be more secure is to do a mold inspection.

Mold typically appears in places where there is a lot of moisture. It can be recognized quite easily by the colors pink, black, white, blue, etc. At the start, it may seem minor and you may not even notice it, but after that, it can grow rapidly and can be a major health problem for everyone living in the house.

Once you've suspected that there is potential mold in your homes physically affecting you, or you just have a high suspicion about mold in your house, don't wait longer. Go ahead and call O2 Mold Testing in Queens, NY. Our professional team will go ahead and perform a mold inspection of your house and deliver your results as fast as possible. If you continue waiting, the mold may grow and can have a negative impact on your family's health.

Mold spores polluting your home air can cause:

  • Severe allergies that can range from type I to type IV
  • Respiratory system diseases (asthma, emphysema, lung cancer bronchitis, etc.)
  • Skin problems (dry and peeling skin)
  • Infection
  • "Toxic Mold Syndrome"

So just to make it clear, there are a lot of diseases that can be related to mold exposure. And this can damage your health drastically. That is why it is advisable to test for mold so that you can remove it in time without letting it grow undetected. Health is the most valuable thing for everyone, so don't forget that and do a mold inspection today.

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When Should You Do Mold Testing?

  • If you are suffering from various health issues that are unexplained, for example, nausea, allergies, respiratory problems, etc.
  • If you recently bought a new home or are looking to purchase a new home and you need a mold inspection.
  • If you see moisture leaks, leaking pipes, flooding, windows, etc, which could point to water damage and mold growth.

Mold Testing Services

O2 Mold testing is a mold inspection company that is here to assist you in figuring out the mold problem from the start to the finish.

We offer certified and fast mold testing for:

  • Homes;
  • Gyms;
  • Schools & Universities;
  • Apartments;
  • Businesses;
  • Facilities;
  • Commercial properties.

Our professional mold testing includes:

  • Quick mold testing results
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trustworthy testing protocols
  • Certified lab analysis done by an independent testing laboratory
  • Detailed reports (level of mold spores, recommendations for cleaning, etc)

Mold Testing Prices

O2 Mold testing is offering you 3 packages, the price ranges from $149 to $749, and it all depends on your needs.Find there all detailed info.

How mold testing works

  • Find and figure out if and where potential mold growth is happening
  • Take air samples and/or surface samples where there is potential mold growth
  • Use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to find any potential moisture issues
  • Figure out if your health and the health of your family is potentially at significant risk
  • Recommend the most effective ways to combat moisture
  • Supply a fully detailed report on all findings

Get mold testing done professionally today with o2 mold testing!!!

O2 Mold Testing mainly operates in Queens and the Five Boroughs. Our technicians use the latest technology to seek out and find hidden mold in your property. Mold can be a great danger to your family's health, and if you don't remove it in time it can get even worse. We value our customers, and their health is our priority. Get rid of the insecurity of not knowing whether there is mold. Go ahead and use our service so that you can be 100% sure about the presence of mold in your house.
If you have any more questions or want us to step in and do a detailed check for mold, then just go ahead and call us at 347-712-3432!

About O2 Mold Testing

O2 Mold Testing was initially started to securely tell you whether your home has mold growth. So, with our sampling and laboratory inspection, you don't have to feel any insecurity about your home having mold or not. O2 Mold Testing offers an expert team, fast scheduling, professional service and detailed reports.

So why should you wait? Call us today at 347-712-3432 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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