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Mold Testing Services in Miami, FL

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Having mold around your property can put the safety of your life and those you care about at risk. It's time to get rid of that mold problem once and for all to keep yourself and your family members safe.

Remember, no amount of mold is too small. All are dangerous and can cause destruction and health issues. So, the time to act is NOW.

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Experts Perform our Mold Testing Miami Services!

Problems you don't know about are the hardest to solve. Similarly, with mold, you can't be sure you have dealt with all the problems. To ensure there isn't mold hidden away from you, you need to take advantage of the vast experience of our experts to find the genuine answers that you need.

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We have some of the best tools to give you results that you can bank on. Our inspectors are well trained to identify mold wherever they are in your home. With their experience, they know where to check. With their tools and testing methods, they can confirm if the suspicions are correct.

All our mold inspectors have certified skills coupled with the required years of experience to give you quality service. In addition, we equip all of our experts with adequate safety gear. So, when they get to you, they give you quality service without putting you, your neighbors, and even themselves at risk while at their job.

So, if you have a feeling mold could be in your property in Miami, FL, do not waste any more time. Call one of our representatives right now and secure an appointment before things get out of hand. The earlier you get the mold testing done, the earlier you can start removing the mold in your property.

Don't waste any more time delaying. Your family's health and wellbeing are in your hands!


Our Mold Inspection Services in Miami, FL

Properties differ as there are different types of mold. As a result, our testing services differ. To determine the most suitable type for your building, we usually consider which method and strategy will achieve the best results. Sometimes we combine some of these methods to get the best results.

However, the list of services that we offer our clients includes the following:

  • Air Sampling
  • Surface Sampling
  • Visual Mold Inspection
  • Moisture and Leak Detection
  • Certified lab results from an independent laboratory

We are everywhere in your neighborhood!

Our expert services are available everywhere in Miami, FL.

Whether you are in Miami, FL, or in the far reach of Sunny Isles Beach, down to North Bay Village, Surfside, Miami Lakes, Bay Harbor Islands, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest or Richmond West, we will get to you!

We are a local company based in Miami, FL, and we are mobile. That means we will reach you in time when it is time for your appointment.

Schedule an appointment for your mold testing services in Miami, FL right now!


Why You Need to Inspect your Property for Mold

Our services are not limited to specific purposes. Instead, they are versatile and can fit into several purposes. You can call us to check your property for many reasons.

In most cases, people call us to be sure that their lives and their family members are safe. You can't continue to guess that you are safe.

You need to be sure that your family members are safe, especially if you have someone allergic to mold in your house. We will help you get certified lab testing and results and give you a detailed report on the actual condition of your house.


Moisture/Leak Detection and Visual Mold Inspection in Miami, FL

Mold needs water to survive. Therefore, mold inspection is never complete until we have found the source of water supplying the mold. Sometimes, we might have to send our expert technicians over to your place to see the moisture problems.

We have the needed tools and experience to discover leaks in pipes and extra water in places you didn't know.

If you want to get the job started right away, go over to our pricing section and see the services we offer and our pricing to get started right away.


Our Mold Inspection and Testing Prices are Affordable!

You do not have to rob a bank to use our quality and expert services. We have different packages depending on the size of your pocket and what you want:

  • Basic Plan [$149]:: The basic package includes visual inspection and moisture reading for any affected area.
  • Standard plan [$395]: The standard plan, which is the most popular, includes mold visual inspection, moisture readings, two indoor testing samples, a written report of laboratory results. If you need thermal imaging inspection and extra samples tested, you will pay an additional fee.
  • Advanced Plan [$895]: Mold visual inspection, moisture readings, five indoor testing samples, a written report of laboratory results, full mold remediation protocol, and thermal imaging inspection. If you need extra samples tested, you will pay an additional fee.

Suspect mold is lurking, but you are not just sure? Don't wait. Call us now at 786-744-4320 to get started!

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