Mold Testing and Mold Inspection in Edison, NJ

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A common but often hidden danger in Edison, NJ, homes is mold. People need to pay close attention to it to keep their homes safe and healthy. One of the best companies to test for and look for mold is O2 Mold Testing of Edison. We put in a lot of work to find mold risks and lower them. Mold can grow in a big way in Edison because the weather is so uncertain. In order to keep places clean and safe, they need to be checked often.

Mold Types in Edison

There are a lot of different types of mold around Edison. Each type has its own properties and possible health effects. Not only do we find the well-known Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Stachybotrys ("black mold"), but we also find the following types a lot.

When this species gets wet, it grows very quickly. You can find it on wallpaper, rugs, and insulation. Penicillium can make people who are allergic or have trouble breathing sick. These molds do best in damp places, like showers and under sinks. A lot of people are allergic to it, and it can make asthma problems worse. It grows in cold places, but it can also be found in houses that have been damaged by water. People with weak immune systems should stay away from it because it can make their skin sick.

Acremonium: this mold can be poisonous and is very bad for your health. It's often found in drain pans, cooling fans, and humidifiers.

You can find this mineral in a lot of houses that have been damaged by water. Mycotoxins are very bad for your health and can be made from this plant. It feels like cotton.

To test, clean up, and keep mold from coming back, it's important to know the types of mold that are exactly in your house.
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Mold Health Risks

Mold in the home can cause a wide range of health problems, from mild allergic reactions to serious problems with the brain and lungs. People who have asthma or allergies may have signs like wheezing, coughing, and stuffy noses get worse. Some molds make dangerous chemicals called mycotoxins that can be deadly. These chemicals can cause major health problems like nerve damage, weakened immune systems, and even death in the worst cases.

People who already have lung problems or immune systems that aren't working well are more likely to get fungal illnesses and other serious health problems from being around mold. To find and reduce these risks quickly, it is important to do regular mold checks and cleanup. Taking these steps protects people's health and keeps the air quality inside healthy, protecting against the many health problems mold can cause.


How the Weather Affects Mold Growth?

Mold grows because of the weather, especially in Edison, where changes in the seasons can make the right circumstances for mold appearance. Here are some ways that Edison's weather can help mold grow.

Edison has times when it is very muggy, especially in the spring and summer. When rain falls on top of humid conditions, it raises the wetness level in homes and buildings, making it ideal for mold to grow. Bathrooms, crawl areas, and basements are especially at risk.

Mold can grow in many temperature ranges, but it likes it when it's warm. A city like Edison has warm months that are perfect for mold to grow, especially when there is a lot of humidity. Temperatures and humidity levels can change as the seasons change, especially from winter to spring and summer to fall. These changes can lead to condensation on windows and inside walls, which can make it easier for water to build up and mold to grow.

In the winter, heating systems in buildings and homes can make warm places where mold spores can grow, especially if there are wet spots or areas where water gets in from melting snow or ice. Not enough airflow can also keep damp air inside, which makes mold growth even easier. When the weather forces windows and doors to stay closed for long periods, ventilation and airflow are slowed down. This can trap moist air inside. If you don't let enough airflow through, mold can grow faster, especially in damp places.


Mold Testing Process

A thorough mold testing in Edison method is used by O2 Mold Testing to accurately find mold in a property and how bad it is. To ensure a detailed analysis and accurate results, this method usually includes a few key steps:

  1. The first step is a meeting with the client to talk about their worries, any possible signs of mold growth, and which parts of the property will be tested.
  2. The property is carefully looked over by a professional technician who looks for obvious signs of mold growth and possible sources of moisture that could help mold spread. This means checking places like basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and areas where water damage is known to happen.
  3. The technician uses special tools to find moisture in different parts of the property so that they can find any secret sources of moisture that could be helping mold grow.
  4. Mold spore levels can be compared by taking air samples from both inside and outside. This helps figure out how many mold spores are inside the house compared to the outside, which shows that mold is growing inside.
  5. Tape lifts, swabs, or bulk materials are used to get surface samples from places that might have mold on them so that the kinds of mold that are there can be identified.
  6. When samples are collected, they are sent to a certified lab to be checked for mold spores, kinds of mold, and concentration levels. This science study accurately names the types of mold that are present.
  7. As soon as O2 Mold Testing gets the lab results, we write a full report that includes the types of mold we were found and how concentrated they were. The report will also include ideas for getting rid of mold if that's what's needed, and fixing the sources of moisture to stop mold from growing again.
  8. If necessary, O2 Mold Testing may offer follow-up testing after the remediation process is finished to make sure that all mold has been cleared and to see how well the remediation process worked.
  9. This systematic approach makes sure that clients get a full report on any mold issues in their home, complete with scientific evidence and expert advice on how to fix any problems that are found.


Mold Inspection Process

At our company, we conduct comprehensive mold inspections to diagnose the extent and causes of mold issues. Our process involves a thorough examination of the property to identify any visible mold or potential entry points for moisture, which could lead to mold growth.

We employ advanced techniques such as moisture mapping, utilizing moisture meters and thermal imaging to detect damp areas where mold is likely to develop. Thermal imaging also aids in spotting mold growth that might not be immediately visible, particularly in instances where there's a change in temperature or humidity levels. This evaluation helps us understand the air quality, temperature, and other environmental conditions influencing mold growth, enabling us to develop a comprehensive mold remediation plan. Our goal is to address not only the mold itself but also the underlying factors contributing to its proliferation, ensuring a mold-free environment.


How to Stay Away from Mold?

To stop mold growth, you can control the amount of wetness in the air, make sure there is enough airflow, and check on the property often.

  • Mold won't grow if you keep the air inside between 30% and 50% full.
  • Fix any leaks or spills of water right away to keep it from building up.
  • In bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp areas, make sure there is enough airflow.
  • You can use dehumidifiers to lower the dampness in damp places like basements.
  • Most of the time, you should check the roof, windows, and pipes for leaks.


Why Should You Choose O2 Mold Testing of Edison?

You can trust O2 Mold Testing of Edison to take care of your house because they care about your health and safety. Our careful testing and inspection methods are meant to help you find mold problems and good ways to fix them. We can help you keep your home safe and healthy by sharing what we know. When you call us, we'll test for mold and check moisture thoroughly to protect your health and property!


Suspect mold is lurking, but you are not just sure? Don't wait. Call us now at 732-582-5833 to get started!

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