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Mold Testing in Jersey City, NJ

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If you're having doubts about whether there is mold forming in your place or not, you must call in a mold inspector and get it checked. O2 Mold Testing provides mold inspection services through professionals and specialists guaranteeing that by the end of the whole procedure, you're going to have the answers you need to move forward.


How Much Does Mold Testing Cost?

If you're looking to get mold testing for your home, workplace, or any premises, O2 Mold Testing offers the minimum fees for mold testing and visual inspection. The price is influenced by a vast range of factors, including the size and complexity of the space. You can find additional pricing information here.

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What Services Do We Offer?

O2 Mold Testing has been offering its top-tier services throughout New Jersey and takes pride in professionally taking all the necessary measures to ensure that you don't have to go through the fright of mold growing in any part of your home, workspace or even commercial areas.

Mold Inspection

Having a professional and certified specialist's opinion is always essential. While doing mold inspection in Jersey City, NJ, it's important to hire a professional mold inspector. They must ensure whether your place is affected by mold or not and if you need the treatment now or it's not as necessary at the moment.

Mold Testing

If you're looking for a service company to provide mold testing in Jersey City, NJ, O2 Mold Testing is the way to go. We follow a strict protocol when offering mold testing services to anyone in all the other states as well. Here's a brief explanation of how we do mold testing for mold identification at your place.

Air Sampling

Mold doesn't grow only in a certain place and stay there. They carry airborne spores which can adversely affect the quality of air around their vicinity. People with respiratory issues might be the first ones affected by it. The inspector collects samples of air and a certified lab will analyze the type and number of mold spores in the sample.

Surface Sampling

It happens often when you look around in your recently cleaned home and you notice some discoloration around the place. It's not a blind spot you missed while cleaning. There's a chance there's going to be mold growth there soon. This is where our mold inspector jumps in, takes samples of your surfaces and send them to labs for appropriate analysis.

Visual Mold Inspection

With our visual mold inspection, O2 Mold Testing will look for mold in all the edges and crevices. Visual inspection with extra observant and trained eyes will help to check any presence of mold in your home. In case we see any mold growing in your home, we can also figure out what other areas are likely affected as well.

Moisture and Leak Detection

If there's one thing mold loves, it is moisture and dampness. If there is any plausible existence of moisture in your home or workspace, there's a high possibility that mold is growing somewhere around the place. That's why mold is often seen in kitchens or bathrooms especially.

To identify the affected area, sometimes your naked eye isn't enough. Hence, we use infrared imaging for mold inspection in Jersey City, NJ, to determine exactly where extra moisture is lurking, even if you can't see it yourself.

Why is Mold Inspection Essential?

For any household, it's important that everything is well-maintained and there aren't any health hazards around. It relates to the places where people are living with respiratory issues, weak immune systems, and most importantly children.

It's essential to get a mold inspection done for your home because mold emits spores that travel through the air and go inside our bodies. Our nose, eyes, skin, and throat are the biggest carriers for it and it can lead to risky situations.

If there's one thing you need to look out for, it's black mold. There are different species of mold that might grow at your place which is identified by a certified lab test but if there's black mold, it can lead to long-term problems and diseases for people with weak immune systems.

What is the Process of Inspection?

A general mold inspection process initiates with the mold expert acquiring all the valuable data and insights from the property and a homeowner. If the owner mentions someplace with mold he noticed - it will be the first place for the inspector to check. After that, they will check every nook and corner, edge, and crevice to thoroughly identify any mold. They will also look for any signs of water damage, whether mold is visible or not. The mold inspector will collect samples and send them to the lab for accurate analysis.

Are There Any Advantages to Mold Inspection?

There are numerous advantages to mold inspection, and every homeowner should get it done even if they don't particularly see any mold. An inspection out of safety reasons is understandable and should be adopted. However, some of the most basic advantages include:

  • It helps you prevent long-term exposure to mold that causes health risks.
  • It allows you to stop the mold from spreading over a larger surface area.
  • It helps you to find moisture in your home and solve the issue at an early stage.

Why Reach Out To O2 Mold Testing?

O2 Mold Testing takes pride in performing all the safety measures they need to take to make you feel safe and sound wherever you work and live. All our clients mean the most to us and we make no mistake in giving our utmost best to all our clients and ensure that by the time we are done, you're going to be a happy and satisfied customer in every way.

If you're situated in Jersey City, NJ, and looking for the absolute best molding testing services, which you certainly should, we're only a call away.

So why should you wait? Call us today at 551-430-4006 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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