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Mold testing involves taking samples from your home or property and testing in a certified laboratory for reliable results and a professional report. With the results, you will be able to know whether mold is present, to what extent and how you can protect your property through mold remediation services.

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We ensure we hire the most qualified mold inspectors and experienced technicians. They understand how mold grows and how to collect testing samples for accurate results. Full laboratory results are available within 5 business days of sample collection, including a plan for mold remediation. Our mold detection experts are trustworthy, providing services in your home with professionalism. Our response time is excellent, and once you schedule a meeting with us, we will be there on time.

Enjoy professional services from our team of experts by contacting us today at 240-348-8011. You can contact O2 Mold Testing of Bethesda MD, directly from our website, and we will reply immediately.

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Mold Testing Services

Our certified professionals have many years of experience providing a range of inspection and testing services, which will help you gain information on whether your property has a mold problem or not.

  • Sampling

    When testing for mold in Bethesda, we perform two types of sampling. Mold releases spores into the air, which affects air quality, so the first type is air sampling. We identify a part of your house where there is the possibility of mold growth and take air samples. We also take air samples from outside your property to help in comparing the results.

    The second type of sampling is surface sampling. In this, we identify spots on the walls or floor where we suspect there is mold or mildew growth and we take samples directly from these surfaces. The samples are taken to our certified laboratories for testing. Once the laboratory tests are completed, you will be given detailed results.

  • Mold Inspection

    Our mold inspection service in Bethesda is here for you when you suspect bad air quality in the house, when your family suffers from colds and congestion, or when you have any other reason to suspect black mold growth. Our team of experts is sent to your property and inspects all areas of concern. Depending on your needs and the particular situation, we can collect air samples which are then sent to the laboratory to be checked. A full report is issued to you within days, so you can get started with the mold remediation process as soon as possible. Mold remediation includes removal of affected materials, cleaning, sanitizing, and additional preventative activities.

  • Moisture Detection

    Mold grows and thrives in places where there is moisture. Therefore, we help identify places where there are leaks and water in your home. We use the latest techniques and technologies to identify these areas.

The Importance Of Mold Testing Services

  • Mold Poses a Huge Health Risk

    Exposure to mold causes adverse effects on the health of a person, such as cold-like symptoms, coughing, nasal stuffiness and congestion, wheezing, throat irritation, and allergies. For your health and that of your family, you should consider our services.

  • Mold can Affect Your Property

    Mold can compromise the value and appearance of your property, as well as damaging your furniture and other valued possessions.

  • First Step to Getting Rid of Mold Growth

    We offer high quality mold testing services for your complete peace of mind. With every mold inspection package in Bethesda that includes lab testing, we also include a complete mold remediation plan. This way, you know immediately how to proceed to take care of the problem for good.

DIY Mold Testing Kit vs Professional Mold Testing

When faced with concerns about mold in your home or property, the decision between using a DIY mold testing kit and seeking professional mold testing services is a critical choice that can impact both the accuracy of results and the effectiveness of subsequent remediation efforts. While DIY kits offer convenience and cost savings, professional mold testing provides expertise and comprehensive analysis. This comparison delves into the nuances of DIY mold testing kits versus the provided offered by professionals, exploring the advantages and limitations of each approach to help individuals make informed decisions when it comes to assessing and addressing mold-related issues in indoor environments.

Mold Testing Kit:


  1. Lower cost compared to professional mold testing.
  2. Quick results - some kits can provide results within 24-48 hours.


  1. May not be as accurate as professional testing.
  2. Limited scope - most kits only test for a specific type of mold and may not identify all mold species present.
  3. Limited expertise - kits do not provide professional interpretation of results or recommendations for remediation.

Professional Mold Testing:


  1. More accurate - professional testing uses specialized equipment and techniques to detect mold and identify species.
  2. More comprehensive - professional testing can identify hidden mold and potential moisture problems that DIY kits may miss.
  3. Professional interpretation - a certified mold inspector can provide a detailed report and recommendations for remediation if necessary.


  1. Higher cost compared to DIY kits.
  2. Requires scheduling and coordination with a professional inspector.
  3. Results may take a little bit longer to obtain compared to DIY kits.

If you require mold testing services in Bethesda, get in touch with us today. We ensure a prompt response time and exceptional customer service. Our mold testing services will equip you with the information you need to safeguard your health and property.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic plans which include a visual inspection and moisture readings from the affected areas.
  • Standard plan where you get a visual inspection, moisture readings, indoor and outdoor air sampling, lab reports, and a complete plan for mold remediation.
  • The Advanced plan, which is a complete package and includes surface sampling.

Additional Areas We Serve Nearby Bethesda, MD

Except Bethesda, MD, we can help you with mold testing at nearby cities: North Bethesda, Potomac, Cabin John, Glen Echo, Brookmont, Somerset, Chevy Chase, Chevy Chase Village, Martin's Additions, Travilah, etc. Call now!

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