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Mold Testing Services in Centreville VA

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Did you know that recurrent spells of body aches, chronic headaches and memory problems could be the result of an extreme mold infestation in your premises? Along with seeking medical advice, you should also consider hiring professional mold testing Centreville VA.

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The Following are Mold Inspection Services We Offer in Centreville VA:

  • Non-invasive visual inspection to discover all possible mold locations
  • Moisture reading using advanced equipment to find hidden mold in the affected area
  • Indoor air sample that is available for Standard and Advanced package
  • Surface (swab) sample which is only available for the Advanced package
  • Lab reports that are given out within five business days
  • Remediation protocol which is a complete plan for mold remediation
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Why You May Need Mold Inspection Service

The main problem with mold is that it can be hidden and home inspectors may not help you in this case. Thus you will need to hire mold inspection service Centreville. Mold occurs naturally in the outdoor environment that serves as nature's recycling center as well as breaking down the dead organic matter from plants and animals. People always encounter mold and inhale mold spores in their daily routine with no ill effects whatsoever. But, when this mold occurs in your indoor environment, it becomes a different case. Indoors have a large concentration of mold accompanied by spores the can be risky when inhaled. By considering the effect of mold on the organic matter, you will easily understand how its effect could become a serious health hazard.

Prevention is always better than treatment. If in case you develop an infection as a result of inhaling mold, you will not only risk your life but incur treatment expense much more than what you could have spent on mold inspection service. Perhaps this is when you need a professional mold removal by hiring an expert offering inspection and mold testing in Centreville VA. The best advice we can give is to understand what to look for to avoid wasting your time and money as well as threatening the health of your family.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

It is vital that you hire our Centreville mold inspection specialist to look for all sources of moisture in your home. If this source of moisture is not dealt with and eliminated, the growth will return, and all your remediation efforts are of negligible long-term value. The importance of looking for sources of moisture cannot be overstated and must be included. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a Centreville mold inspection professional to carefully detect and identify the sources and causes of growth in your home.

Our technicians are well conversant with mold right from how it grows, where they hide to ways of testing mold you cannot see. We have no bias or vested interest, and so you can trust us to deliver expertise, along with timely results so you can make the right decision for your property.

So, before you decide to purchase a home for your family, consider having a professional mold inspection done to avoid subjecting your family into a health hazard. Help your family live in a mold-free environment and make home more comfortable by hiring a mold inspection service Centreville if you are seeing or smelling mold in your current home.

What is Our Pricing Plan?

There are three pricing packages you can choose from mold inspection service Centreville:

  • Basic: It includes visual inspection and moisture reading for any affected area at the cost of $149.
  • Standard: Mold inspections include visual inspection, moisture reading for the affected area, outdoor and indoor air control sample, lab reports, and remediation protocol at the cost of $250.
  • Advanced: Mold inspections include visual inspection, moisture reading, outdoor and indoor control sample, swab sample, lab report and remediation protocol at the cost of $600.

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