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Mold Inspection & Testing in New Rochelle, NY

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As a homeowner, there are few issues that can compare with having mold inside your residence. Mold brings with it other unwanted problems, including a direct impact on your health. Resolving such problems generally means a costly affair, but before you end up removing the mold, it's important to understand what causes it and how can you accurately detect the problem. Mold grows in dark, damp areas of the house (water is usually source for the dampness) and can often be visible through spots or rough patches in corners or on the ceiling. Aesthetically, mold can often be an eye-sore and your first thought would be simply to wipe it away. However, without resolving the mold's root cause, you won't solve the problem and the mold problem may resume in a very short time. More importantly, you can find yourself experiencing multiple health problems that include sneezing, irritation in the eyes, coughing, and dry skin.

Mold inspection requires years of expertise and special equipment to find all the likely areas of mold growth. It is highly recommended that you hire professionals. Trying to address mold by yourself is a health risk and can often complicate the situation further, as the root cause of the mold growth is never identified, and long-term exposure can have disastrous consequences on both your personal health and the health of your home. This is where O2 Mold Testing steps in. We help you overcome mold growth in a safe, professional and reliable manner with our years of field experience, specialist teams and state-of-the-art equipment.

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It is important to understand that mold comes in various forms and each case requires a specialized approach. Subsequently, at O2 Mold Testing in New Rochelle, NY, we have various testing procedures in place to develop an accurate diagnosis of the situation. Our techniques include:

  • Air Sampling

    As mold is known to remove moisture from the environment and release spores, our air sampling provides us with key insights on the current air quality around the premises. Samples are taken where mold is typically known to grow, and we compare this sample to a sample we take from outside the building, so we can tell if there is a greater amount of mold indoors than in the surrounding area.

  • Surface Sampling

    Much like the name suggests, we take samples of mold growth from surfaces known to have excessive amounts. Air and Surface sampling go hand in hand.

  • Visual Mold Inspection

    As mold can grow beneath or behind certain furniture and equipment, our team examines each nook and cranny of your homes to find any hidden growth.

  • Moisture and Leak Detection

    As mold is known to live with moisture, it's best to figure out areas of high moisture or places with leakage of water. Our techniques include infrared imaging which shows leaks unseen to the human eye.

Mold inspection is a specialized profession because of the adverse health risks that it poses. In our years of experience, we have seen mold cause breathing difficulties, persistent cough, skin irritation and burning in the eyes, all of which can occur over a long time if homeowners can't figure out that it is due to mold exposure. Moreover, one imagines mold to be growing in a country-side house where the weather conditions are far more suited to its growth, but at O2 Mold Testing we emphasize the precarious nature of mold growth, which can be encountered in apartment buildings, recreational/sporting facilities and even businesses/office spaces, which are renowned for maintaining their hygiene.

Mold inspection is the recommended, safe way to go about identifying that there is mold growing in your house and the process starts with placing a call to one of our expert team members that understand the mold growth process. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to working with our clients, and after inspecting the area (we understand where mold grows and how to test for it), we can recommend a suitable test that can be shared with you in 5 business days or even within 24 hours if you request our rush service for an additional fee. We test our samples at a certified, independent laboratory that keeps your health and safety in mind, always.

Mold Testing does not need to be an expensive process and the packages at O2 Mold Testing start from $149 (Basic Package with Visual Inspection and Moisture Reading) and goes up to $749 for all-encompassing, comprehensive testing. You can choose the best package to meet your needs.

O2 Mold Testing is committed to delivering superior customer service with industry expertise that is unmatched. Our certified team is available to answer your queries and help you find a suitable solution for your mold testing needs, feel free to reach out to us at 914-415-4336 from Monday to Sunday (8 AM to 8 PM).

So why should you wait? Call us today at 914-415-4336 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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