Mold Inspection in Commack, NY

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Why You Need Expert Help for Mold

It doesn't matter if the weather is cold or warm. Either way, mold can still grow and foster inside your home. It is not something you should take lightly. It may put your family's health at risk and you might not even know it. The best thing to do is to consult professionals or a credible mold inspection company in Commack, New York for mold testing and mold inspection. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Molds grow where there is moisture, usually on walls, fabric, books, appliances, and other surfaces. Take note that once it grows on your belongings, things are usually irreversible. Molds do this by digesting the material they are growing on.

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The Different Types of Mold

There are more than a thousand different kinds of mold that can appear in your home. According to experts, there are about 300,000 types of mold and some of them are dangerous. Listed below are some of the most common molds that can occur in your household.

  • Alternaria. This type of mold occurs indoors, especially in damp or wet areas like the bathroom, the sink, etc.
  • Cladosporium can be found on fabrics and wood surfaces. It grows in both cool or warm places.
  • Aspergillus. Do you have powdery food items in your pantry? If you do, there is a greater chance that aspergillus molds will grow in your household. They also grow on dust, and construction materials such as drywall, etc.
  • Penicillium: this type of mold is found where there is water damage and is often blue or green. You may find Penicillium growing on your plumbing system, especially when there's a leak.

Depending on where the mold is growing, they can take different forms, textures, and can even appear in different colors.

How Mold Affects Health

Mold is a fungus that comes in different types. While mold originates outdoors, where it is nature's way of breaking down organic matter, like leaves and fallen branches, it can grow indoors under the right conditions. As Mold grows and fees on organic surfaces, it releases spores into the air to spread to other areas.

For some people, getting exposed to moldy environments can cause severe health threats. Individuals who are sensitive to mold and mildew can experience sneezing, wheezing, stuffy nose, red and itchy eyes and can also result in asthma. Some people may experience skin allergies once exposed.

Good thing, O2 Mold Testing offers mold inspection and mold testing services, helping homeowners make sure that their household is safe from life-threatening hazards of mold and mildew. Mold is not always visible to the naked eye. So it is not enough that you suspect its existence in certain areas of your home. You need assurance. And what better way to ensure your safety than to let a professional mold inspector check your home?

To help you understand the importance of mold testing and mold inspection, we have listed essential points that you need to bear in mind.

  1. To prevent the life-threatening effects of mold exposure
  2. Mold exposure poses several risks of dangerous symptoms. You don't want this to happen to you or one of your family members, especially if they are sensitive to mold and mildew.
  3. Finding mold through mold testing/inspection, and then choosing mold remediation can help you improve the air quality inside your home
  4. Sometimes you suspect mold is there, but can't see it and need to know for sure. O2 Mold Testing provides several solutions to this problem, including professional mold testing.
  5. Decrease The Chance of Damaging Your Home
  6. When mold grows on certain surfaces, it breaks down or digests the materials. If there is mold on your walls, ceilings, plumbing fixtures, or flooring, you can only expect something worse than mold infestation and stain. Having your home inspected for mold will help you decrease the chances of damage to your home structure.

Our Solution to Your Mold Problems

O2 Mold Testing is devoted to helping homeowners get assurance whether their house is infested by molds or not. We deliver trustworthy testing with accurate sampling and certified laboratory results.

We also offer several services which you can choose from depending on your needs:

  • Air Sampling. Mold do not only grow on surfaces but they also spread through the air that you inhale. Additionally, it jeopardizes the quality of air circulating around your home. Air sampling determines if your air quality is affected by molds. From this, our professional mold inspector from O2 Mold Testing can define and provide the necessary solution as early as possible.
  • Surface Sampling. Do you think that stain on your wall could be mold? It's not enough to suspect mold growth, when you need to know if it really is. What will help you know for sure is surface sampling service that O2 Mold Testing offers to homeowners, apartment owners, business owners, and more.
  • Moisture and Leak Detection. Our methods for moisture and leak detection will identify the exact location of mold growth in the wet areas of your home.
  • Visual Mold Inspection. Detecting molds can sometimes be tricky since they are not always visible to the naked eye. Well, sometimes there are noticeable signs but ordinary people may not be able to recognize them immediately. We have experts in mold testing and mold inspection who will detect both hidden and visible mold and provide necessary solutions to the problem. The cost of a visual mold inspection is $149, and includes moisture detection in the affected area.

Mold Testing in Commack, New York

Do you find yourself typing the words “mold testing near me” or “mold inspection near me” on Google? Many of our satisfied clients are from the immediate local area. O2 Mold Testing offers mold testing services in Commack, NY for homes, businesses, apartments, facilities, and more.

Should you need our help and expertise, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy and willing to help our customers, inspect their properties for hidden mold, and provide the needed solutions to their dilemmas. You can always trust us for top-notch results.

With years of extensive experience in the mold testing industry, we have earned a reputation as Commack, NY's leading mold testing and mold inspection company. We only use professional equipment and work with highly-skilled, certified technicians to ensure the quality of our work is not compromised.

You can reach out to us anytime, even if you need us for an emergency mold inspection.

So why should you wait? Call us today at 631-900-2158 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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