Mold Testing and Inspection in Harrison, NY

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Looking for a licensed, professional, and service-oriented mold testing company? Contact O2 Mold Testing today to hire a mold inspection service in Harrison, NY. Call us at: 914-612-5039. We look forward to working with you!

Mold infestation in your home is among the worst things you can ever experience. It can quickly turn your dream house into a nightmarish space. The unbearable atmosphere and musty smell can make your home a living hell. Mold also quickly affects the health of people living in your home. That is why we recommend that you let professionals handle mold inspection and testing in your home. Mold is a fungus that grows outdoors or indoors under humid, damp, or warm conditions. Most common household molds can be found in basements, under sinks, bathrooms, plumbing pipes, and ceiling tiles. Mold is ubiquitous, and all types of mold, including black mold, require moisture to grow.

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Signs of Mold

Mold growth in homes can pose serious health risks. Unfortunately, most people don't even realize their homes are infested with mold until their health deteriorates or they notice mold damage. However, there are a few common mold warning signs homeowners should never ignore. Remember, you should hire a professional for mold testing and inspection whenever you notice any of these signs:

  • A weird smell from your heating or air conditioning unit is a tell-tale sign of mold infestation.
  • You or a family member shows persistent symptoms of allergies and other health issues, such as coughing, sneezing, sinuses, and itchy skin that don't go away
  • There has been past flooding or other water damage to the property.
  • You see visible signs of mold growth behind wallpaper or on tiles.
  • There is discoloration or dark spots on your walls or ceiling.

Mold growth requires moisture to thrive. Mold can grow within a day and cause adverse, mild, and long-term effects on your property and health. Exposure to a room infested with mold can cause frequent headaches and fatigue. Another adverse effect of mold growth in your home is respiratory damage, such as asthma and reduced life quality. In rare cases, mold has caused serious lung infections as well. Mold infestation can damage tiles, wallpapers, and your home's paint. It can also cause structural damage, especially when it grows in the basement. The best way to handle these adverse effects of mold is to let a professional conduct thorough mold testing and inspection in your property. Skilled mold inspectors will visit your workplace or home for air sampling. Visual mold inspection is one of the standard mold inspection methods we use to inspect for mold.

Quick Review of Our Services

If you have a mold problem in your workplace or home in Harrison, NY, you are probably debating whether to hire a professional or not. Well, it would be the best choice to consult professionals like O2 Mold Testing for mold inspection and testing. Our mold inspector will collect samples through air sampling method to assess if active mold growth has released spores into the air because it may affect your indoor air quality. Then we conduct several mold tests in an approved laboratory and provide detailed reports to help you make a favorable decision for your workplace or home. Our findings will guide us in figuring out the best mold remediation protocol for our clients.

O2 Mold Testing also offers surface sampling service, which helps figure out if an unknown substance that looks like mold is actually mold. Our mold inspection company collects surface samples from an area of known or suspected mold growth and takes them to an independent lab for testing. O2 Mold Testing also offers visual mold inspection, leak detection, moisture detection, and emergency mold inspection. We are happy to provide mold inspection and testing services for residential and commercial properties, including homes, workplaces, apartments, and facilities in Harrison, NY.

Our mold inspection cost depends on the services offered and the size of the inspected property, home, building. Our prices and packages are categorized into basic, standard, and advanced. For instance, the price of visual inspection service under the basic package is $149, while the standard package includes mold testing at a cost of $395. Our advanced mode inspection services can add up to $895, with more samples and a thermal imaging inspection included. You can contact our team for help in choosing the best suitable mold inspection package for you. Mold inspection is unnecessary when mold growth is noticeable, and you are sure it is black mold. However, mold inspection could be worth it when you can smell mold, but you can't identify the source.

Final Thoughts

O2 Mold Testing in Harrison, NY has a dedicated and experienced team of mold inspectors to help our customers discover mold in their buildings. We have modern equipment to enable our trained inspectors to offer reliable mold testing and inspection services. Our services include leak detection, air sampling, visual inspection, and surface sampling. You might need our services if you have endless allergies, breathing problems, or discolored wall paint. You can trust us as we guarantee our clients a quick response time. Please schedule an appointment with us today for a thorough and affordable mold inspection and testing service.

So why should you wait? Call us today at 914-612-5039 and experience a professional mold inspection service.

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