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If you choose our professional mold testing services in Reston, VA, you can easily take care of any worries you have about mold growing in your home. Some people think they have mold but don't know what to do about it. A visual inspection and mold testing are good ways to find out for sure.

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Residential and Commercial Mold Testing & Inspection in Reston

Through mold testing, you will know for sure if mold is a problem in your home, but performing air and surface testing is not an easy process, as it requires some skills and knowledge. The best way of performing mold testing procedures is to let it be done by professionals.

O2 Mold Testing of Reston is a trusted mold testing and inspection company catering to both residential and commercial properties in Reston, VA. With extensive expertise in mold detection and assessment, our team of certified mold inspectors employs cutting-edge equipment and advanced techniques to identify and evaluate mold presents accurately.

Our company is fully licensed to conduct mold testing and mold inspection services in Reston and its surroundings. We are well known for providing high-quality services and delivering precise and dependable results to our clients. Our qualified professionals are always in a position to perform air sampling together with a mold inspection and provide a detailed mold remediation plan to treat your home from mold. The main goal of our company is to give you the best customer experience.

Our company is very competitive in terms of pricing. You will get the best value for your money for professional mold testing services. The company is also very transparent when it comes to dealing with our clients, making us win the trust of our clients.

Mold grows easily under the right conditions and should be dealt with in a timely fashion. With our services prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will not live in areas where mold grows.

Our Mold Inspection and Testing Services Include:

  • Visual Mold Inspection
  • Mold Detection
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Surface Sampling
  • Moisture and Humidity Assessment
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Environmental testing
  • Mold Species Identification
  • Detailed Reports and Recommendations
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Mold Testing Process. How Long Does Mold Testing Take?

  • Initial Assessment: Mold testing professionals will conduct an initial visual inspection of the property to identify any visible signs of mold growth. They will also gather information about any water damage or moisture issues that may have contributed to the mold problem - it can typically range from 30 minutes to a few hours.
  • Air Sampling: One common method of mold testing is air sampling. During this step, our inspector will use specialized equipment, such as an air pump and a collection device, to collect air samples from various areas of the property. These samples will capture mold spores present in the air. Collecting samples may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.
  • Surface Sampling: In addition to air sampling, our techs may perform surface sampling to collect samples from suspected mold-infested areas. This can involve swabbing or tape-lifting techniques to collect mold particles from surfaces like walls, ceilings, or furniture.
  • Laboratory Analysis: The collected air and surface samples are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. In the lab, the samples are examined under a microscope or subjected to culture testing to identify and quantify the types and concentration of mold present. This analysis helps determine the extent of the mold problem and the potential health risks involved. It can take a few more days.
  • Report and Interpretation: Once the laboratory analysis is complete, our mold testing professional will provide a detailed report of the findings. The report typically includes information about the types of mold detected, their concentration levels, and recommendations for remediation if necessary. The professional will also interpret the results and explain their significance to the property owner. It can take few hours.

Popular Types of Mold Commonly Found Indoor and Outdoor

  1. Aspergillus: this genus of mold includes various species commonly found in soil, decaying organic matter, and indoor environments.
  2. Penicillium mold is widespread and often found in water-damaged buildings, damp areas, and food products.
  3. Stachybotrys chartarum (Black Mold) is infamous for its dark green or black appearance. It thrives in areas with excessive moisture and can produce mycotoxins. Prolonged exposure to black mold may cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and potential neurological symptoms.
  4. Cladosporium is a common mold found both indoors and outdoors. It typically appears as dark-colored colonies and can be found on damp surfaces such as fabrics, carpets, and wood.
  5. Alternaria is an outdoor mold commonly found in soil, plants, and decaying vegetation. It can enter indoor spaces through open windows, food, or attach to clothing.
  6. Fusarium fungi are commonly found in soil and on plants. They can also grow in water-damaged buildings.
  7. Trichoderma is a mold commonly found in soil, wood, and damp building materials. It has a fuzzy or wool-like appearance and can cause respiratory issues and allergies, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems.
  8. Aureobasidium is often found on damp window frames, caulking, and other surfaces exposed to high humidity. It appears as dark-colored spots and can cause allergic reactions and skin infections.
  9. Chaetomium is frequently found in water-damaged buildings, particularly in areas with chronic moisture problems.
  10. Mucor fungus is commonly found in soil, plant debris, and damp indoor environments. They have a fast growth rate.

Why Choose Our Services in Reston?

Here's why you should hire our services:

  1. Proper inspection of your property to ensure mold growth is found in all hidden and typical locations such as the showers stalls, basement, piping areas, carpeting, and roofing.
  2. Professional mold sampling is done carefully for meaningful and reliable test results. This includes a control sample taken from just outside your structure to establish a baseline.
  3. You will receive not only the certified laboratory results but also a full remediation protocol prepared by our specialists. Normal turnaround time is just five business days, but we can provide faster results with our rush service.

Why Hire O2 Mold Testing of Reston?

The company offers high-quality services; we assure you a fast response to any mold-related cases, whether it is an emergency or not. The company is fully aware of the damage that mold can cause to your home, which is why you will be guaranteed a fast response from us.

The other reason why using our services is crucial for you is that your issues will be attended to by experienced and well-trained personnel who have experience in dealing with mold-related issues.

Our vast experience, together with the help of modern mold testing equipment, will mean you will get the best services for your home or business enterprises.

O2 Mold Testing of Reston has also invested in mold remediation training for its staff, which makes it easy for them to offer the best and most effective mold remediation planning because they know how to do it.

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Cost of Mold Testing and Mold Inspection

Basic package $149 Including a visual inspection by our mold inspector.
Standard package $395 Includes testing samples, results, and a full remediation protocol.
Advanced package $895 This package includes a thorough visual assessment, precise moisture readings, a thermal imaging inspection, five indoor testing samples, a detailed written report of laboratory results, and a comprehensive mold remediation protocol.

Locations We Serve Near Reston, VA

  • Dunn Loring
  • Great Falls
  • Herndon
  • Idylwood
  • McLean
  • Oakton
  • Sterling
  • Tysons Corner
  • Vienna, VA
  • Wolf Trap

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Why can't I perform mold testing myself?

Although DIY mold testing kits are on the market, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a professional mold testing company. Professionals possess the necessary expertise, experience, and specialized equipment to perform meticulous and precise mold testing. Furthermore, they are proficient in interpreting the test results and can offer suitable recommendations based on their findings. Opting for professional assistance ensures comprehensive and reliable mold testing results, guiding you toward effective remediation measures.

What are the health risks associated with mold?

Exposure to mold can lead to various health risks, including allergic reactions, respiratory issues (coughing, wheezing), asthma exacerbation, and infections in individuals with weakened immune systems. Prolonged exposure to certain types of mold may cause more severe effects.

Can mold testing determine the source of mold growth?

Although mold testing offers valuable insights into the presence and extent of mold growth, it may not always identify the precise source of the problem. Pinpointing the source often requires a thorough mold inspection encompassing visual assessment, moisture detection, and investigation of areas susceptible to mold development, such as damp walls or sources of leaks. By conducting a comprehensive mold inspection, professionals can gather crucial information to better understand the underlying causes and take appropriate remediation measures.

Should mold testing be done before buying a property?

It is often recommended to conduct mold testing as part of a comprehensive home inspection before purchasing a property. Mold growth can have significant implications for the property's structural integrity, indoor air quality, and the health of its occupants. By conducting mold testing before buying a property, you can identify any existing mold issues that may require remediation. This knowledge allows you to make an informed decision about the property and negotiate repairs or adjustments if necessary.

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