How to Choose a Mold Testing Company?

How to Choose a Mold Testing Company?

You can experience mold contamination no matter wherever you live. Mold is a grave issue that harms you and your home when not dealt with in time. So, the minute you spot green patches on your walls or come across any visible mildew, you should immediately call our professional team of mold experts at 888-202-1680. Here are some factors that you need to consider for hiring an expert:


Decide What Type of Mold Testing You Need:

Mold damage is difficult to handle. Without professional help, you cannot get rid of your problem. However, you can call our experts, and we will help you to decide on the type of mold testing you require. There are several mold testing options, including:

Air Sampling

It is a widely used testing method that helps assess the level of contamination. Our mold detection team thoroughly checks each corner and collects samples from within the home and outside space. Experts compare the level of different mold strains in both places to see the difference in the concentration level. Air sampling is one of the most accurate methods for detecting even non-visible mold.

Surface Mold Testing

Surface mold sampling involves collecting samples from suspected mold growth on surfaces. Our techs can use a cotton swab to collect samples or a piece of clear tape. In both options, we focus on surface contamination.


Research Mold Testing Companies Based on Your Specific Needs

It's not easy to trust other people with your home. A slight mistake can make the situation worse. Therefore, check on the following factors before booking mold inspection services:

Experience in mold testing

While researching for an ideal mold testing company, look at their experience. O2 Mold Testing is a mold inspection and testing team that has been operating in the business since 2005. Our years of experience can speak for themselves, and you are free to check hundreds of positive reviews from our loyal customers.


Mold inspectors are required to get certified. Thus, it is essential to select a certified firm, such as O2 Mold Testing. A reputable firm always has the necessary certifications. Moreover, we carry insurance to protect you. Do not make the mistake of working with an uninsured company, or else you won't be able to claim damages should any occur.

Past references/reviews

It's always best to research the people you let into your home. So, find out what our clients say about our services. Read reviews and ask for links to get credible opinions. You can also check our local reviews on google map.

Technologies and equipment being used.

The equipment being used for the job matters a lot and should be a part of your selection criteria. Professional mold inspection at O2 Mold Testing uses advanced gadgets that accurately detect mold in your home. This is important so you have the correct information to take care of your property.

The mold testing process.

Every company has a different visual mold inspection process. Thus, find out how your preferred firm works. Find out what methods they use, how they perform the entire process, and why they perform in such a way. Only book your slot when you are clear about how they perform the task, and what you are getting for your money.


Compare Mold Testing Companies

It's easy to find mold detection experts in every state. However, their prices, methods, and experiences will be different from one another. To be on the safe side, it's necessary to compare the pros and cons of every firm you shortlist.


Schedule a Consultation With O2 Mold Testing

After selecting the type of testing you require and analyzing every aspect of a company, you should schedule an appointment with us. You should tell us your needs so we can arrange this appointment to assist you. For example, do you need someone to check moisture and leak detection in your home? Which areas are contaminated? This consultation will help you clear all your remaining doubts about the firm you are choosing.


Choose a Mold Testing Company

After finalizing all your terms, it's time to book a mold inspection session with our experts. Schedule an appointment according to your need and convenience.


Final words

No one can offer more quality mold removal and moisture detection services than O2 Mold Testing. You could always call us for mold inspection services to find out about the type of mold destroying your home. Our experts examine every corner of your home and take necessary measures to prevent the further spreading of the problem. We are happy to assist our clients in every possible way. If you feel confused, get in touch with our customer care team and get all the information you require.

At O2 Mold Testing, we only opt for trained technicians and top-quality chemicals. If you need a licensed mold testing company near you, we are available 24/7. You can get indoors or outdoors tested at the most economical rates. Don't let the mold situation in your home get any worse. Contact professional experts in time.


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