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Mold Control Myths: Bleach and Vinegar

House, office building, apartment, warehouse. It doesn't matter. Mold can be found in any structure, especially where there is moisture. You may find mold growing in furniture, on the walls, on the drywall, on window frames, among many other places. If you have had a leak in your home in the past, you may find that mold became a guest in your home due to the water damage.

Sunlight can naturally kill mold. However, it can be hard for enough sunlight to enter a building to make a real difference. Due to this fact, you are likely to find mold in almost every household. Mold should be attended to immediately because it can cause health issues. Some of the health hazards that can affect you and your family include itchiness, wheezing, throat irritation, and sore eyes, among many more. The health hazard can affect different people with different amounts of severity, hence the need to deal with mold as soon as possible.

It can be tempting to look to popular home DIY methods for getting rid of mold. Chief among them are "recipes" using bleach and vinegar mixtures to treat the mold. But is this a good idea? Is bleach or vinegar really enough to kill mold?


Bleach mold solutions

First of all, it is essential to note that bleach is made out of chemicals. This fact can cause more harm than good because an individual may end up inhaling the fumes. In fact, the EPA recommends that bleach not be used on a regular basis for mold cleanup for this very reason.

Does bleach kill mold? You may also ask, does it kill black mold? Bleach can kill a lot of things, but only on non-porous surfaces. Most of the time, if mold is on a non-porous surface, like ceramic in the bathroom, it is because there is some substance on the surface that the mold is feeding on, like dust that gets damp and does not dry. Most of the time, mold takes hold and grows in porous, organic-based materials, like drywall and wood, so bleach can only treat the surface and will leave behind mold inside. So after a while, it will just grow back.

Vinegar mold solutions

Does vinegar kill mold? It is sometimes cited as a good solution for a moldy, musty smell in clothing, but that doesn't mean much for your walls or ceilings! Vinegar is normally recommended when cleaning the surfaces so that the mold doesn't grow in the first place. But does vinegar kill black mold? Whenever you have serious concerns about mold, you need to make sure that it will be dealt with correctly. This needs experts to deal with it so that it doesn't reoccur. Vinegar is only a temporary solution, and you can't know how effective it will be, especially when you consider that the mold you see may be only the tip of the iceberg.


Mold Control Myths: Bleach and Vinegar

Professional mold solutions

Mold is a concern, but it doesn't have to haunt you. Getting a professional expert to inspect your home and test for mold is the best decision that you can make any day. Some of the reasons include:

  • Getting proper assessment from the professionals

    They will be able to do a proper and comprehensive assessment to find the cause of the mold. If it is the cooling systems, then they will advise you ways that it can be managed.

  • Find out what it takes to treat the mold problem once and for all

    Experts will not only assess the situation but inspect your property for hidden mold. They have the expertise to identify places that are affected by mold, even if it isn't visible. Your ultimate goal is to treat and clean all the places that have been affected by the mold. Due to possible conflicts of interest, the service can be divided into two independent stages (mold inspection and testing, and mold remediation), which should be performed by two different companies. Our mold testing service provides a detailed plan for the subsequent mold remediation, known as a mold remediation protocol.

  • You will save money

    Who doesn't like saving money? Any problem that is not handled promptly may end up causing more damage in the long run. It will spread at a wider surface area, which will make it costly. When you call experts to deal with an issue immediately, you will save by preventing further possible damage.



It is very important that as soon as you notice that there is the presence of the mold in your home, you should immediately call an expert.

You can contact us for that service. We are a professional mold inspection company that will help you deal with any mold problem on your property. We will assess the property and find out the cause of your mold problem. We carry out the mold inspection, mold testing (laboratory approved results), air probe tests, surface probe tests, etc. We are well equipped to detect mold on a porous surface and any other mold laden surfaces. Call O2 Mold Testing today at 888-202-1680 and schedule an appointment. We'll find the solution to your mold problem.


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