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The Importance of Molding your House's Future with a Mold Inspection

You need to recognize potential mold problems if you are thinking of buying a home. But what about the house you already live in?

Toxic mold exposure can have serious long-term effects like memory loss, insomnia; trouble with concentration, confusion, muscle cramps, and more. Before buying a house, have a mold inspection and get the seller's full disclosure about mold problems you can't see.


What is mold?

Mold is a fungus, coming in different colors from black to grey, to white, or green. Even shapes can be different. The thing is, these sneaky spores aren't always visible or able to be detected, because they can grow under the floors, between walls, in the ceilings, attics, and basements. Mold thrives in water-soaked or just damp materials. Mold can be found even in a home in the desert or hot, humid climates.

Check these places for mold:

  • Around leaking pipes, roofs, or windows.
  • Basements and other places that have been flooded and not properly dried out.
  • Tightly sealed-up buildings like new buildings and which have trapped excess water inside.
  • Homes that have poor ventilation with over-watered houseplants, general dampness or humidity, and don't get properly aired out.

Not only can the above present an unattractive appearance, but also an unpleasant, musty odor. And worst of all, mold causes health problems. Some mold types produce mycotoxins, and these can cause seizures, rashes, unusual bleeding, severe fatigue, and respiratory problems in some people. Fortunately, not all molds are so toxic.

You need to be on the lookout for mold in your home. Look out for standing water in the basement and marks on the wall or ceiling that would point to previous water damage, as well as musty smells.

Mold in Basements

It's best to check out mold found in a home inspection

A professional home inspector will conduct a visual mold inspection only to see if the home has mildew or mold. Mildew might be a surface fungus, but it is not poisonous or toxic. A home inspector checks for water damage and it's not his job to check for mold but he might discover it in his inspection. The seller of the home should disclose if they have water-related problems or mold because some states require this from sellers. If you are interested in purchasing a house and you suspect there might be hidden mold, you can hire a professional mold testing company that will do air sampling - an outdoor air sample and an indoor air sample. They might dig into the walls to take samples to test in their lab - and the costs can add up. If you want a house and have an inspection contingency (where a buyer is given the right to have a home inspected in a certain period) and mold is revealed as part of the inspection, the seller might be willing to reduce the price so you can fix the problem.


Indoor Air Sampling

What is a mold remediation protocol?

Remediation means more than just clean up and treating the existing mold. In addition, mold remediation includes the repair needed to stop the moisture from entering the structure where it caused the mold to start growing. It isn't just the mold itself that needs to be dealt with, but the underlying reasons. After an inspection and assessment of the damage, mold inspectors and mold testing specialists have the knowledge and training to prepare a plan for repairing and treating the mold growth. This is known as the mold remediation protocol.


What is a mold remediation protocol?

What about DIY methods or professional methods to deal with mold?

Methods and practices will vary, depending on the mold type and how long it has been present. Sometimes special equipment and fumigation systems will be required, plus safety equipment as well. You can purchase this, or you can choose a professional who already knows exactly what to do. With mold, it is wise to opt for reliable, professional services even if it costs more up-front. Think of it as an investment, which when done right, yields long-term value.

Because microscopic mold spores exist naturally just about everywhere both inside and outside, removing it is just about impossible. Some business offer services that talk about "mold removal", guaranteeing to remove all mold, but it's not really likely. But a good quality restoration company understands all the science behind mold and its growth, a company like O2 Mold Testing. Call them by phoning 888-202-1680 because they have the expertise and correct training to do mold inspection and mold testing and offer their unique solutions. A new house should grow on you, but not mold!


Mold Grow Under The Floors
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