Is Mold Inspection Really Necessary?

Do you suspect that there is mold in your house or office? Maybe you recently had a flood, and you perceive a strong odor that won't go away. Mold can cause a lot of damage if it goes unchecked. It can worsen asthma symptoms, irritate people with allergies, destroy property, and cause the structural deterioration of your home or workplace.

Knowing the extent of health and structural damages it could cause, you might want to get mold remediation services immediately when you suspect mold growth. However, the question is, is that the first step to take? Do you need to get professionals to inspect the mold first? Is mold inspection necessary?

These questions are what we have taken time to answer for you in this article. Read on to find the answers you need.


What is Mold Inspection?

Mold inspection is when a professional helps you look for mold growth in your building. A qualified mold inspector should carry out the procedure. You might only cause more problems if you try to do it yourself. You could breathe it in, which is terrible if it is the toxic black mold.

Professional inspectors know how to handle the mold and the right gear to wear. A mold inspection will help you know if the mold growth is recent or past. For people that are sensitive to mold, even old mold growth could be a problem.

You should ensure that all nooks and crannies of your building are checked for evidence of mold during the inspection. Areas like the inside of walls and windows are susceptible to mold growth because of their exposure to moisture. You should know that not all mold is harmful to you. But, you might not be sure of which type of black mold you see until you call a specialist.

A mold inspector can tell you the kind of mold you have, where it is growing, and what you need to do to stop this growth. Now, you know what a mold inspection is, let's check whether you need it and when you need it.


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Is Mold Inspection Really Necessary?

The simple answer to this question is YES! A mold inspection is necessary for some instances. What makes a mold inspection essential is what you hope to achieve by it. Here are a few cases when you need a professional mold inspection service:

  • Before You Buy a Building

    Before you buy or sell a building, you need to do a mold inspection. The testing will help you know if there is any mold and how you can fix it. If the growth is much, you can decide to do remediation or not buy. As a seller, you can fix the problem to get the best price for your building.

  • Before/After Remediation

    A mold inspection prior to remediation helps you know exactly where the mold growth is. It is advisable not to use the same company for inspection and remediation as some companies exaggerate the test results to get your patronage for the cleanup. Mold testing services used before and after remediation can verify the success of service - this is known as clearance testing.

  • Signs of Hidden Mold

    If you suspect hidden mold sources, you need a mold inspection. Maybe you perceive a mold smell, and you have cleaned, yet you don't see the origin. An inspection and moisture assessment will help you know if there is mold and where it is.

  • Insurance Coverage

    Your insurance company may require an official report on mold in your home or office. In this case, you have no choice but to get one. Ensure you use reliable mold inspection solutions for this purpose.

  • Health Concerns

    If you are allergic or have similar health concerns and keep having the same issues, you can do a mold inspection. You might want to do one to eliminate the possibility of mold causing the problem. Mold remediation will help you improve the air quality of your home or office.

  • Plumbing Issues

    Moisture is the cause of mold growth. If you recently had a plumbing issue or floodwater got into your building, you might want to get a mold inspection. It will help you determine if the plumbing issue has lead to a mold problem.

  • History of Mold

    If you have had a history of mold growth, you might want to check intermittently to ensure the mold is completely gone. In this case, you should deal with the source of the mold. You can discontinue the inspection when you have resolved the cause of the mold growth.


Our Mold Inspection Company

O2 Mold Testing is a mold inspection company that is given to helping our customers. We want to help you ensure that your properties are free from hidden mold in the most professional way.

Our services include air sampling, surface sampling, moisture & leak detection, and visual mold inspection.

If you have a case that necessitates a mold inspection, you can count on us to do a professional job. Are you ready to know if what you smell is mold? Give us a call at 888-202-1680 to book your appointment!


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